Buy Brand New good size Cage Online

//Buy Brand New good size Cage Online

Buy Brand New good size Cage Online


The  Parrot Cage will make a happy home for your Ringneck , cockatiel, Alexandrian, conure  parrot.

A pull out tray at the base of the cage for easy cleaning.

This is Top open and front open cage,

This Parrot cage also comes  with 2 wooden perches and 1 open top perch and 2 feeding bowls.

Best size for Ringneck or Alexandrian Parrots, Dimension H 26 inches, W 18 inches, D 18 inches.

3  Wooden perches
2  Plastic bowls
Pull out tray


Brand New good size Cage in Birmingham:

Just like us, pets love being in their little house. It gives them a feel of protection and comfort all at the same time. In pets parrots are exceptionally in love with their cages. Believe it or not parrots get so found of their cage they hate changing it over with some other cage. If you are looking for brand new good size cage look no further because we have the best quality cages in affordable range.

Bird cage size chart:

In this article we are particularly going to talk about parrots and their cage size. We are offering capacious cage and that’s what we recommend to our customers. Here is an average cage size for your birds:

Specie Minimum cage size Spacing between bars
Lovebirds parrots 20’’×16’’×16’’ 1/2”
Ringneck parrots 26” ×18” ×18” 1/2” to 1/8”
Conures 26” ×18” ×18” 5/8” to 3/4”
Alexandrine parrot 26” ×18” ×18” 5/8” to 3/4″
African greys 34”×24”×36” 3/4″ to 1”
Large Macaws 36”×48”×48” 1” to 1.5”
Large Cackatoos 36”×48”×60” 1” to 1.5”


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